New work: “Little colouring books”

Today I p-p-picked up a pilot from the University printshop. I am very excited to see my idea for presenting the UK Climate Projections 2009 as a colour-by-numbers booklet coming to fruition! So, hanging on the coat-tails of the current adult colouring book and mindfulness crazes, I present to you…

“Winter Blues”, the first “Little colouring book of climate mindfulness”.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Winter Blues sample” width=”100%”]


This idea for the “Little colouring books” originated partly in the games I made for my “Particulart: Up in the Air” show. It seemed a natural progession to create more playful engagement with climate change. The other parent was my last role at the Met Office, as project manager of their contribution to the UK Climate Projections, which meant I knew about the projections and how to get hold of them.