Clare Bryden. Photo credit markburley.co.uk

I am a freelance artist, writer, and consultant. My interests are wide-ranging, but primarily in how human beings affect and are affected by the natural world of which we are part, and the related theology and psychology of connectedness.

My background is in science, consultancy and business analysis, especially in the environmental sphere, aiming to apply my skills to make a difference.

I have been a Christian for more than thirty years, and seek to live out my faith in working to encourage care for the environment as God’s creation and justice for our neighbours across the earth and in future generations. I also have the occasional moment when I would describe myself as called to contemplative prayer.

There is more detail in my employment CV, artist statement, and artist CV.

Helen Suzman, the former South African MP who fought long and hard against apartheid, used to paraphrase Theodore Roosevelt …

“I did what I could, where I was, with what I had.”

… which sums up my approach. I hope you enjoy these other quotes.

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