Silent Spring at Mikrofest 2019. Photo credit Lily Holman.
I am a freelance artist, writer, and consultant.
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Main Areas of Focus

My interests are wide-ranging, primarily in how human beings affect and are affected by the natural world of which we are part, and the related theology and psychology of connectedness.

Latest News and Produce

What I’ve recently produced. What I’m working on. What’s in the pipeline.

Random Work Generator

There are a number of threads running through all my work. Here’s a random sample from each.

"Particulart: Exhausted" at Oxford Festival of Arts

The overall aim of Particulart is to engage people with environmental and social issues and challenge the status quo through the power of knitting, science, and public art. In addition, “Exhausted” aimed to promote public awareness and provoke reflection on urban air quality, through a quirky display enabling playful interaction. It appeared at “Test Drive the Future”, an exhibition of electric vehicles, that will help solve the problem of air pollution.

Press Release - "Knitting exhibition shows climate change to be ‘Up in the Air’"

An innovative art installation goes on show this week to bring alive the greenhouse gases that are causing climate change. Local artist Clare Bryden has been knitting larger than life versions of the particles and making card games. The exhibition, which will be on display from 11-24 July at the Glorious Art House in Fore Street Exeter, is designed to be a playful way of sparking people’s interest in the science and issue of climate change.

"Freefall Climate Graffiti" at Exeter Phoenix

The visible results of Freefall Climate Graffiti at the Exeter Phoenix will be ephemeral. Have a drink in the café outside seating area, and ponder the graffiti climate maps of the UK, before they're painted over. Help yourself from, and add to, the woolly wall. Pick up a booklet about the project from the Phoenix box office. Repainting Exeter Phoenix’s graffiti wall with UK Climate Projections, with Miss*C and the Freefall Youth Group.