Heavitree Stone trails

The Quarry Pod has created not one, not two, but THREE ready-made trails for you to pick up, in leaflet form, to follow and discover Heavitree Stone heritage for yourself.

You can get hold of the printed leaflets at the celebration on the Quay on 22 July 2018, and we’re hoping after that from the Tourist Information Centre and Custom House.

You can also download them here in two different pdf versions: for printing as double-sided A4 to create your own leaflet; and a long thin version to view on your mobile.

Trail 1: Heavitree

Trail 2: The City Centre

Trail 3: The Quay & St Thomas


Leaflet production by Laurie Fentiman, Steven and Mary Bramble, and JoJo Spinks. Additional photo credits Clare Bryden and Chris Spinks. Eva Searle, of Eva Design Exeter, took all of the photos, text and maps provided by the Quarry Pod and turned them into something that looks fantastic! Her designs also affected the design of the A-Z trail and this website. Massive thanks go to Exeter City Council for kindly sponsoring the leaflets.