About the Project

The Heavitree Quarry Trails came out of the place-based Heavitree Squilometre project animated by JoJo Spinks of Interwoven Productions.

We believe that our places in Exeter UK – its landscape, heritage and its people – are worth celebrating!! Squilometre does this by “taking project nominations, from you, about which aspect of this place – ​this one square kilometre of land that we share – you’d like to celebrate next.”

Quarry Trails was the fifth community-commissioned Squilometre project. We’re extremely grateful to Exeter City Council for providing the funds to kick-start the project, and awarding us an Arts Project Grant to complete the Trails.


The “Quarry Pod” is a group of residents, artists and keen local historians who are acting as a steering group for the project. Many are from Heavitree, others are from St Loyes (where the quarries are actually located) and further afield.

Particular thanks go to Dr Jon Cinnamon of the University of Exeter for creating the web-based mapping system for documenting the location of Heavitree Stone.

Thanks also to our community surveyors who joined us on several survey walks and brought their own enthusiasm.