New trail and sites for a sunny weekend!

It's going to be a sunny weekend, so we've done a little advance prep for you.

We are delighted to announce that the "Q is for Quarries" A-Z trail is now available on TiCL. You can use “Q is for Quarries” to create your own Heavitree Stone trail around Exeter. Why not follow the whole alphabet? There’s a challenge for a sunny day out in Exeter! Or you can spell out your own names.

Q is for Quarries

TiCL is an app using geolocation to find and direct the user to the nearest trail location. "Q is for Quarries" was already available on Placeify. Placeify is a website designed for mobile devices. It presents an ordered trail, with text and audio about each site, and allows you to comment on them and upload your own photos. There are many other Placeify and TiCL trails around Exeter.

We've also added some more Heavitree Stone sites. We're always interest in any more information you have about each. We're planning to keep adding sites, so do check back!