Y Yaroslavl Bridge

Y Yaroslavl Bridge - credit Clare Bryden

Yaroslavl is Exeter’s twin city in Russia, and the Yaroslavl footbridge spans the inner bypass road. So what does it have to with Heavitree Stone? Well, we needed a Y, and the City Walls are part of the bridge’s footings. The walls date from the Roman, Anglo-Saxon and medieval periods. They are a roughly rectangular … Read more

V Victoria Park Road

V Victoria Park Road - credit Clare Bryden

Heavitree Stone is not just used in the historic buildings of Exeter, but in many boundary walls around the city. Along Wonford Road, between the Nuffield Hospital and Lyndhurst Road, there is about a third of a mile of walling with some good examples of different stone, dressing, and building techniques. Much of it is … Read more

O Old Deanery wall

O Old Deanery - credit Clare Bryden

The Old Deanery wall is a nice stretch of dressed but uncoursed Heavitree Stone, with stone capping. There is a gateway facing the Cathedral with an arch in limestone. The Old Deanery itself was four blocks and adjoining chapel. The chapel existed by 1200, but what we have now is 15th century, built of Heavitree … Read more

H Hope Road

H Hope Road - credit Clare Bryden

You might easily miss Hope Road. Its entrance at the corner of Butts Road and Wonford Street is very narrow, and at its exit into Hoker Road it looks like a service road. But it’s full of character and quirks such as Hope Hall, the former Baptist church, near the bottom; a lovely row of … Read more

F Fore St Heavitree

F Fore St Heavitree - credit Clare Bryden

East Wonford Hill and Heavitree Fore Street are the final stretch of the Roman road leading into Exeter. There is plentiful Heavitree Stone to be found here in the old walling along the road. Starting just after the junction with Rifford Road, there are long stretches on the right and left up to St Loyes … Read more