Q is for Quarries

Our Quarry Pod came up with an ingenious way of creating the Trails that will allow people to discover the distinctive Heavitree Stone in their own way. Through the surveys we have identified 26 different Heavitree Stone sites throughout the City, one for each letter of the alphabet, and each site telling its own story about the use of this material.

We’ve created “Q is for Quarries”, an interactive mobile location tour, so that people can create their own trails. Why not follow the whole alphabet? There’s a challenge for a day out in Exeter! Or you can create your own trails, like spelling out your own names. For example…

SOPHIE takes you to shops and houses, boundary walls, churches, and two historic bridges
RYAN takes you to a castle, defensive walls, chapel, and priory

There are two versions. Placeify is a website designed for mobile devices. It presents an ordered trail, with text and audio about each site, and allows you to comment on them and upload your own photos. TiCL is an app using geolocation to find and direct the user to the nearest trail location.

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Text for “Q is for Quarries” by Clare Bryden. Photos by Clare Bryden and Chris Spinks. Thanks go to 1010 Media who developed the Placeify platform, and in particular Andy Chapman for his support, and to TiCL Media, in particular Simon Edwards for his support.