Woodwater wander

As a birthday treat, I promised myself a walk down Woodwater Lane, from home to water to wood to home again.

I walked down Quarry Lane to East Wonford Hill, in order to come at Woodwater from Salters Road, which threw up a few things of interest, e.g. the old St Loyes Hotel and current building work, and some alms houses.

It was dry-ish to start, and my camera was set to greyscale. I hadn’t really any thoughts of how to record the walk – in these notes, or taking pictures. But I started taking pictures and didn’t stop. This meant that the walk was slower than expected, so I curtailed it at the retail park, partly to get home to prepare for birthday dinner, and partly because the rain had got a lot heavier and my camera is not waterproof.

The photos were of a few things of interest, signs, ordinary objects, and became some instances of wood (material and trees) and water. So I took photos of the Wonford Brook, the big cut-out tree and rain on the slide in the playground, raindrops in a puddle, trees/shrubbery beside the road, poplars behind the water tower in the retail park, and bottled water in Tesco.

A satisfying experimentation in exploring the present day.

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