Sustainable Exeter

We’ve had a post on Interconnected Exeter, so it’s time for one on Sustainable Exeter. I’m cheating slightly, because it draws on the series of posts on how to simplify your lifestyle, and reach out to your neighbours and local community. So I thought I’d couch it in terms of ten challenges, which if you accomplish them, would help make Exeter a more sustainable city. And because they could involve some substantial lifestyle changes, they definitely are challenges. Here goes making a difference…

Challenge 1
Insulation insulation insulation
Call the Energy Saving Trust to find out what grants are available, and help your neighbours apply

Challenge 2
Get hold of an electricity monitor and find out how much your appliances guzzle
Exeter City Council has some you can borrow

Challenge 3
Switch to a green energy supplier
Switch to Good Energy, quoting GE243, and they will donate to Transition Exeter

Challenge 4
Generate electricity as a community
Just Power for Communities, based in Exeter, specialises in solar panels on community buildings

Challenge 5
Sell your car, walk, cycle, use public transport, and join a car club
Exe Co-Cars has cars in Exeter, Topsham and Taunton

Challenge 6
Shop at local stores, and keep 80% of what you spend within the local economy
…instead of sending 80% out of the local economy, when you shop at supermarkets

Challenge 7
Buy local and seasonal food
Check out the Real Food store and café in Exeter, and look out for the Love Local Food van

Challenge 8
Grow your own food in your back garden
Get involved with Exeter Community Agriculture, Broadclyst Community Farm, or the Harvest project

Challenge 9
Share your stuff, and get to know your neighbours
Check out Freecycle, Ecomodo and Streetbank

Challenge 10
Switch to an ethical bank
There’s a branch of the Co-operative Bank in Exeter