St Loyes Chapel

I had a quick look at the forecast first thing – scattered showers all day, but should be alright in the early afternoon. At about 3.30pm, there were patches of blue sky, so I headed out down to the ruined chapel.

It’s a pleasant little segment in Rifford Road, set in a garden surrounded with metal railings. There is a bus-stop in front, and it is very ease to miss the chapel altogether if you don’t know it is there. There is a cross close to Rifford Road, and the chapel is set back. Despite the garden, it really butts up against the houses to the right.

The weather was changeable. As I starting taking photos, it started to rain, but the shower went over quickly and the sun came out. It was almost too bright.

There’s not very much left of the chapel – most of the NE gable with quatrefoil window, the SW gable with pointed arch window, and the SE wall with three pointed arch windows. It is useful to have the camera to record stone-work. Much of the stone looks as though it came from Heavitree Quarry, but there were many other types of stone there, including a smoother red stone. Plus cement, looking like a bad repair job on the pointing.

But the camera got in the way of getting a sense of the place, how much it is overlooked, or whether there are hidden nooks.