Analysing progress on Shrinking the Footprint in Exeter Diocese


This was a follow-up project to my consultancy work in 2009/10 on energy and climate change work in Exeter Diocese. Each year, the churches in Exeter Diocese are required to complete an Archdeacons’ Articles of Enquiry. In 2015, the Articles of Enquiry included two questions relating to the Shrinking the Footprint campaign and energy in church buildings:

  1. Has the PCC undertaken an energy audit? Yes/No
  2. Has the PCC taken any steps to change its energy use and reduce its carbon emissions?   Yes/No   If YES, please give details


  • Collate the responses to the questions from the Barnstaple, Exeter, Plymouth, and Totnes archdeaconries.
  • Analyse the collated responses as a whole, and by archdeaconary and deanery.
  • As far as possible, generate systematic evidence for activity and progress on energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions, and supplement this with anecdotal evidence.
  • Produce a report to take to the Diocesan Synod, including findings from the data, discussion, and recommendations.
  • Create a list of achievements by the Diocese, both under its own Shrinking the Footprint campaign in the 10 years since its first Syod debate on the issues, and as part of the EcoChurch Southwest initiative.


“I just wanted to say how good I thought your paper [to Synod] was. It was very clear and written in a way that should make people take action.” – Personal communication from Synod member