Shared Lectio Divina, 30 June 2020

Since April 2020, I have been jointly hosting a shared Lectio group on Tuesday evenings. The following are my reflections only, during the prayer session and as I wrote them up. Please see my separate commentary and leaflet for more information about shared Lectio, and here is the whole collection of reflections…

Gospel reading: Matthew 8:18,23-27

Words: Lord save us! … followed


Imagined the lack of dignity of the disciples, pawing at Jesus’ clothing to awaken him, yelling and screaming in fear.

I remember Psalm 107 and the nugget salvation story of “some [who go] down to the sea in ships”: “A stormy wind arose, which tossed high the waves of the sea” – graphic descriptions which parallel the Gospel closely – and the sailors “reeled and staggered like drunkards and were at their wits’ end. Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble, and you delivered them… quieted the waves of the sea… calm… and you brought them to the harbour.”

But (old chestnut alert!) boats are not made and intended to stay in harbour, so after necessary repairs the ships will put out to sea again.

The disciples followed Jesus into the boat, and I follow Jesus into the boat. And there will be gales and there will be calm, and there will be steady winds. And Jesus will always be there, and always available to be called on in extremis, in however undignified and terrified a manner.