Shared Lectio Divina, 14 July 2020

Since April 2020, I have been jointly hosting a shared Lectio group on Tuesday evenings. The following are my reflections only, during the prayer session and as I wrote them up. Please see my separate commentary and leaflet for more information about shared Lectio, and here is the whole collection of reflections…

Gospel reading: Matthew 11:20-24

Word: remained


Sodom would have remained, abided in God. Why were no deeds of power done in Sodom or Tyre and Sidon? Why does God act in one place but not another? Not a profitable line of questioning. The issue is probably instead about our participation.

Deeds of power outside Sodom: Abraham bargaining with God over its fate.

Deeds of power inside Sodom: Lot offering hospitality to the visiting men/angels. But the people denied them hospitality – the sin of Sodom – so it was destroyed.

I also recall the reluctant prophecy of Jonah in Nineveh that led to repentance in sackcloth and ashes, and to salvation. Was that reluctant prophecy a deed of power, albeit tiny and weak? What deeds of power then are we called to do?

I am challenged, then, to provide hospitality therefore, to others, to God, to my own self. And I am challenged to allow God to provide hospitality to me – to remain and abide in God.