Published Reports – Economics

Reports written as a consultant at Cambridge Econometrics during 1995-2000, that were subsequently published.

Claire Alger, Terry Barker, Susan Baylis, Laura Beckwith, Clare Bryden, Keith Dixon, Ben Gardiner, Chao-Dong Huang, Richard Lewney, Matthew Ward, and Hitoshi Hayami (2000) “Energy Balance Simulations to 2010 for China and Japan”, JBIC Research Paper No.6, Research Institute for Development and Finance, Japan Bank for International Cooperation.

The 20% Solution: Meeting the Government’s Targets on Climate Change, by Paul Ekins, Cathy Hough and Andrew Russell of Forum for the Future, and Clare Bryden and Charlie Hargreaves of Cambridge Econometrics, BWEA Policy Briefing PB4/99, November 1999.

Clare Bryden and Charlie Hargreaves: Solar Millennium: a Renewables and Energy Efficiency Development Initiative for the UK, Cambridge Econometrics, Technical Report TR4/99, November 1999.

Bryden, Clare, Nick Johnstone and Charlie Hargreaves: ‘The Integration of a Bottom-Up Model of the Electricity Supply Industry with a Top-Down Model of the Economy in the UK’, in Laroui and van Leeuwen (eds) Top-Down or Bottom-Up Modelling: an application to CO2 abatement, Foundation for Economic Research, University of Amsterdam, 1995.