Touch:Triptych prints

I was preparing to take a photograph, when I caught a flash of deep orange as my finger momentarily touched the camera lens. It led me to wonder whether I could capture somehow not just objects or people touching each other, but the sense of touch itself. Experimenting with finger and hand, obscuring more or less of the lens, nearer or further, sometimes cupping the lens, I took twelve photographs. None is a block of solid colour, but each finely graded reflecting the sensory patterns in the skin. Some are intense warm oranges or hot reds and pinks; others are light cool whites shading to cold steel greys. I arranged the twelve Touches into a grid of four by three, just touching each other, neurons firing as they come close. And twice more, to produce a series of three images: Alight, Unless, and J’adoube. The images in the series may be viewed individually. Together they form the Touch:Triptych.

We all needs must live lightly on this precious planet.

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