Pitch Me!

Happy newish year!

I had this little idea of Paying It Forward during 2019. I’m offering up to 3 or so hours of my time to help you with something inspiring, worthwhile, bonkers, thought-provoking, or maybe even useful. So it’s not wholly altruistic, as I want to have fun too!

I do want to hear from you if you are eg early-career artists, are based and/or work in Exeter, just starting a new venture or toying with an idea or running a discrete (or indiscreet) project, need a bit of moral support or someone to bounce ideas off or some extra hands temporarily, and the like. This is not exhaustive.

I don’t want to hear from you if you can afford to pay someone.

Please have a browse around my website to get an idea of what I can offer and what might interest me. Then pop me an email at brydenclare@gmail.com with your contact details and a short para that will tickle my fancy. I look forward to your ideas!

The small print that’s exactly the same size: Note that the time includes travel, and that I am car-free. Please no children or animals. Otherwise, I reserve the right to pick and choose!

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