“The Art of Following Your Nose” at PechaKucha Dartmoor

Date: 8 November 2018
Location: Ashburton Arts Centre

Last night I gave a talk about my work at the inaugural PechaKucha Dartmoor. One of the main movers and shakers behind the idea is Joanna Brown, who I met at Greenbelt in Kettering but lives just down the road in Totnes, and also has a background in maths, environment and art.

PechaKucha Dartmoor events are informal gatherings where people get together to share their ideas, work, thoughts, inspiration – in snappy presentations!” The PechaKucha format is 20 slides (images only, no text) changing automatically every 20 seconds, so the talk is only 6 minutes 40 seconds in total. Within those constraints, however, there can be amazing variety. It was great to hear the other artists speak about their work to, to have a nosy around Ashburton Arts Centre and read about their ambitious plans, and not least to have an appreciative audience.

“The Art of Following Your Nose” was about how I fell into my art practice, and about how I have followed a number of threads, but mostly my own nose. On reflection, it would have been better to focus on one piece of work, or thread. But hey, there could well be another opportunity one day!

The full line-up: Ben Piper, Clare Bryden, Laura Doughty-Voaden, Louise Scammell, Paul Moody, Stephen Park, Stuart Voaden.

The photos by Mark Burley were so great, despite the unpromising subject matter, that I’ve gone all ego-trip and posted a few.