“Patterns” at St Sidwells

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been part of a group assembled by the force of nature that is Veronica Gosling at Studio 36.

We’ve been bouncing ideas around and exploring inspirations on the theme of “Patterns”. I’m bringing Particulart and Green|Blue, my science background, and my patterns habit to the group. We are a medley of musicians, dancers, writers, sailors, neurologists, mathematicians, makers, producers, actors, and it’s wonderful to be part of it.

We’re working towards a performance at St Sidwell’s Community Centre on 21 October. I understand there’ll be a slap up meal too, so save the date!

Here are Veronica’s words…

“I’m like a sort of living carpet. I need a pattern, a design, like you have on that carpet. I come apart, I unravel unless there’s a design”
– Extract from Oliver Sachs’ Rebecca in The man who mistook his wife for a hat

After the success of our last performance ‘Why not? What if?’ at the St Sidwells centre, we will be back, and this time exploring patterns from the various angles that shape our existence.

Alongside our regulars James Turner Poet, Peter Farrie Singer/songwriter, Jeff Sleeman Actor and lifecoach expressing their personal experience of patterns in words, music and dance, we have Mike Ludgrove Boat builder and sailor, Amerie Rose of Encounter Theatre and therapy, Felix May Doctor and drummer, Louise Clark Scientist and dancer, Anthony Mullett Mathematician, Rose Verney Art therapist, Clare Bryden Artist and singer

Photography and cordon bleu supper from staff and volunteers of St Sidwells Community Centre.

‘Patterns’ will be taking place at the St Sidwells centre on October 21st
Ticket information and press release soon!