“Up in the Air” pop-up (2015-16)


Acrylic yarn, gazebo and mixed media
Various locations

The Glorious Art House gallery was a wonderful location for “Up in the Air”, but Particulart aims to interrupt the day-to-day and open up conversations, so needs to be out in the public space.

So a blue gazebo became the sky and the 3D graph. Pale blue hula hoops became clouds in just the right place to suspend the particles and globe. The gazebo back wall provides hanging space for the exhibition posters. And if it is not too windy (!) a side wall provides a cosy corner for the games and workshop area. A slim-line version of the pop-up will even fit in a rucksack for transport by fold-up bicycle.

Would you like your own “Up in the Air” pop-up appearance? The gazebo measures 3m x 3m x 2.5m high. The back wall needs to be part of the exhibition, but the roof and other three walls are optional. The games and workshop area is also optional. The appearance could include any of a knit-your-own carbon dioxide workshop, games session, and talk. Payment for time and expenses would be appreciated. [Update: I have retired the pop-up exhibition and workshops for the time being, but am happy to speak or write about the project.]

questionClimate change

Over the last century, human activity has increased the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and this is causing the climate to warm. Find out more…


The exhibition included eight greenhouse gases. Find out more about their annual emissions, lifetime and concentration in the atmosphere, and global warming potential.

notesExhibition notes

View and download the main interpretation provided with the exhibition. See also the exhibition posters about the eight greenhouse gases, and the data sources used.


Knit your own greenhouse gases, with patterns for: atoms, bonds, and how they come together into particles.


A news feed of updates on where and when the pop-up is popping up.


A few of the responses to the pop-up appearances, where remembered and recorded.

cameraPhotos & videos

Photos of the pop-up indoors and out.

Thanks go to…

“Up in the Air” was supported by sponsorship by the Relight My Fire festival. Many thanks to them for their generosity, and to Chloe Uden from Regen SW for making this possible.

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