“Particulart” (2014)


Acrylic yarn and mixed media
Prints of photographs by Benjamin J Borley
Real Food Store café, Exeter
13 October to 29 November 2014

The original “Particulart” was a collaboration between Clare Bryden and Diana Moore, exhibiting in the Exeter Real Food café during autumn 2014. Knitting and emitting particles was our way of telling other people about the Exeter Incinerator and its potential impacts.

The Incinerator had already happened, and we couldn’t change that. It started operation in spring 2014. But we wanted to encourage Devon County Council to make sure it is operated properly. Hence the timing of the exhibition, and the exhibition launch party the evening before the Incinerator’s inauguration on 16 October.

Our requests in summary:

  • increased transparency to enable peace of mind on public health and the environment – that is, enhanced monitoring and public reporting of emissions
  • a commitment to waste reduction and recycling – including better information, and composting instead of incineration of food waste
  • increased transparency over the contract – including information about the cost to the tax payer, value for money, cost of operation, profit

Clare also blogged at length about “Particulart”, reflecting on the politics, the artwork, knitting and craftivism, and how the exhibition created a community of interest.

questionExeter Incinerator

Click the questionmark to find out more about the issue, and Diana’s engagement with the Council and the Incinerator Liaison Group.


Click on the molecule for more information about the air pollutants exhibited: their chemistry, and their impacts on human health and the environment.

notesExhibition notes

Click on the paper note to view and download an image of the exhibition board.


Knit your own air pollution. Click on the ball of wool for knitting patterns: atoms, bonds, and how they come together into particles.


Click on the megaphone for updates on the exhibition, our press releases, and the press we received. See also the latest on our communications with councillors and council officers, and comment on Incinerator operation.


We didn’t have a comments book. But as it was in a café, the exhibition did prompt some discussion over bowls of soup, and there is always Twitter. Click on the quote bubble…

cameraPhotos & videos

Click on the camera to see some photos from the early days of knitting, the exhibition hanging and launch, and Ben’s photos of the Incinerator that were hung as part of the exhibition. See also Diana’s photos of the construction and launch of the Exeter Incinerator.

Thanks go to…

Naomi Hart provided invaluable advice in the planning stage and helped us with hanging the exhibition. Thanks also of course go to Benjamin J Borley for his wonderful photographs.

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