“Greenhouse Effect” (2016)

Greenhouse Effect

Acrylic yarn and mixed media
Bury Knowle Park, Headington, Oxford; part of Low Carbon Oxford Week
18 June 2016

The overall aim of Particulart is to engage people with environmental and social issues and challenge the status quo through the power of knitting, science, and public art. In addition, “Greenhouse Effect” aimed to promote public awareness and provoke reflection on climate change and the underlying science, through appealing to different ways of accessing information – words and numbers, sight and touch – and enabling playful interaction.

questionClimate change

Over the last century, human activity has increased the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and this is causing the climate to warm. Find out more…


The exhibition included eight greenhouse gases. Find out more about their annual emissions, lifetime and concentration in the atmosphere, and global warming potential.

notesExhibition notes

View and download the main interpretation provided with the exhibition. See also the information posters about the eight greenhouse gases (originally used in “Up in the Air”), and the data sources used.


Knit your own greenhouse gases, with patterns for: atoms, bonds, and how they come together into particles.

If you don’t have time to knit, you could make pompom carbon dioxide instead. As part of the exhibition, we made pompoms with children, and hung them in the greenhouse to illustrate how the concentration of carbon dioxide is increasing.

We only have one planet, and we need to look after it and make sure our children and grandchildren can live on it. Find out more about what you can do…

The Prime Minister, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Secretary of State of Energy and Climate Change, and your MP, MEPs, and local councillors all have influence in different ways on international, national and local policy and action. Write and tweet to let them know your concerns…


A news feed of updates on the exhibition.

cameraPhotos & videos

Photos of the exhibition in Bury Knowle Park.

Thanks go to…

“Greenhouse Effect” was supported by Oxford City Council under the umbrella of Low Carbon Oxford Week. Many thanks to Jenny Carr of the City Council, for the invitation and for her help in setting up the greenhouse; to some wonderful volunteers, and to Waitrose Headington for providing volunteer refreshments; and in particular to Jacqui Newman for her amazing knitting of so many greenhouse gases for display in the greenhouse.

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