“A Stitch in Time” (2015)

Acrylic yarn and mixed media
Bristol Cathedral
6 March to 6 April 2015

During Lent 2015 – 18 February to 4 April – the Church of England in the South West ran a Carbon Fast. It was 40 days to reflect on how we affect our planet and consider what we can do to reduce our carbon footprint. “A Stitch in Time” ran roughly concurrently, showing 3D knitted representations of a series of greenhouse gases that are implicated in climate change.

This year is vital, as governments are meeting in Paris in December, and hopefully they will come to a ground-breaking agreement on the climate.

questionClimate change

Over the last century, human activity has increased the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and this is causing the climate to warm. Find out more…


The exhibition included nine greenhouse gases. Find out more about their annual emissions, lifetime and concentration in the atmosphere, and global warming potential.

notesExhibition notes

View and download the main interpretation provided with the exhibition. See also the data sources used.


Knit your own greenhouse gases, with patterns for: atoms, bonds, and how they come together into particles.


A news feed of the latest information about the exhibition.


A few of the responses to the exhibition left in the comments book.


Some photos of the exhibition in Bristol Cathedral.

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