Our aims

“Particulart: The art of chemistry, knitting and gentle protest”, originated in 2014 as a collaboration between local activists Clare Bryden and Diana Moore, to highlight air pollution from the Exeter Incinerator. Clare has since broadened the concept into other issues and chemistry.

Our broad aim emerged along the way, to:

  • Engage people with environmental and social issues and challenge the status quo through the power of knitting, science, and public art.

Within this, we want to:

  • Promote public awareness and understanding of the issues and the underlying science, and provoke reflection
  • Spark encounters and open up conversations
  • Interrupt the day-to-day, enable playful interaction, and tap into mindfulness and creativity
  • Appeal to different ways of accessing information, both analytic via words and numbers, and sensory via sight and touch
  • Create a connection between science and the rest of culture

Clare wrote an article about Particulart and other forms of craftivism for Third Way magazine, May 2015. It’s a good explanation of what we’re trying to do and how it relates to others’ work.

About the artists

Clare Bryden


Clare is an artist, writer and freelance website developer based in Exeter. Her interests are primarily in how human beings affect and are affected by the natural world of which we are part, and the related theology and psychology of connectedness. Her creative practice springs from her desire to communicate environmental and social issues, her need for hope and energy in keeping on keeping on, and her habit of making connections, especially between sciences and art, and finding patterns.

As Clare broadens Particulart into other issues and chemistry, a conceptual practice is emerging that allows for public participation, extra-gallery installations and performance. She is also exploring a sense of place in her neighbourhood: the possibility of rediscovering the fecundity of what used to be farmland but is now suburbia; and the opportunity for a community-enhancing project.

Clare’s background is in science, economics, energy and the environment, including employment at Cambridge Econometrics and the Met Office. She is the TEDxExeter Storyteller and Director of Exeter Pound. All is grist to her mill.

@ClareBryden | clarebryden.co.uk
December 2015

Diana Moore


Diana is a green and community activist, and a local representative on the Exeter Energy from Waste community liaison group. She tweets at @DianaFMoore.

Copyright and licensing

Particulart, including images and text on this website, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

You are welcome to share images or text with appropriate credit; please contact us with a link to the material of interest and we will let you know the information to use. This does not mean you can use the material commercially or distribute any modified material.

We would be grateful if you could let us know of any such use of images or text, so we can publicise this, and you. If you wish to go further and recreate any of the works or installations, you must contact us for permission and for consultation on meeting the licence terms.

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