Comments – “Up in the Air”

Here are a few of the responses to “Up in the Air” left in the comments book:

Super interesting. Innovative & inventive. Love it!

Brilliant concept and presentation – more excellent ideas on how to present data clearly and creatively!

Love it – particularly simple yet simply complex!

Weird in a good way

My chemical eyes needed opening – & this has done it! Many thanks

This is so simple and yet so effective, the colours really contrast and it is very bold and interesting! Love it!

Gentleness in strength!

Fascinating — make sure you don’t miss the axes!

You’ve got me thinking again – thank you

The last was one of a few comments that showed the exhibition provoked thought, which was particularly pleasing.

In case you were wondering, here’s a video explaining how you make a booklet using saddle stitch, and here are all the comments…

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