“One Fish, Two Fish, RGB Fish”

I created “One Fish, Two Fish, RGB Fish” * in response to an invitation from Wool on the Exe and Theatre Alibi. Wool on the Exe is a great little social enterprise. It’s more than just a shop on Exe Bridges selling all things yarn; it doubles up as a café and space for drop-in informal groups that demonstrate the healing power of knitting and conversation. Theatre Alibi are contemporary storytellers based in Exeter. So…

We’re ‘hooking up’ with Theatre Alibi to invite you to take part in a community project to benefit Knit for Peace – a London-based charity that matches charitable knitting with those in need. In February, Theatre Alibi will produce a play called ‘Fish Eye’. Our goal is to have 350 knitted and crocheted fish by mid-January that will then be distributed all around Exeter. Each will have a tag inviting the person who finds the fish to upload a photo to a special Facebook page where they will also have an opportunity to make a donation to Knit for Peace.

They even provided some patterns for knitted fish and crocheted flat fish or in-the-round fish. Who could resist?

* Not to be confused with Dr Seuss’s “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish”, which I only discovered as I was poised to start writing this post.