No response from Hugo Swire MP

As I tweeted, I’ve received no direct response from Hugo Swire MP to my letter about the family from Clyst St George needing to walk 11 miles to Exeter Foodbank and back. Instead, I found a post* toeing the party line. Plus, it’s undated, so it could have been written before I even put fingers to keyboard.

I expect he will also ignore my tweets and the RTs and replies I have received, as his Twitter profile says it’s for FCO puffs only. Well, it doesn’t say ‘puffs’ – you know what I mean. But that’s not really how Twitter works. It’s really tempting to ask #devonhour to bombard him with encouragement to use Twitter for engagement with constituents, or even set up a pastiche @HugoSwireMP account – although it’s probably illegal to impersonate an MP (I can’t be bothered to Google that). Mind you, if I get sent to gaol, I might be in the cell next to Caroline Lucas MP. Ah, the workings of a modern techno-democracy!

I just want to live in a country that cares about poverty, inequality and injustice.

* Was Swire’s website was taken down when he stood down as MP for East Devon in the 2019 election.