New ventures into poetry

Since early December last year, I’ve had something of a bout of reading and writing poetry. Alongside a haiku a day in January, which continued sporadically into February, I’ve been experimenting with various different forms, from shorter and longer blank verse to terza rima sonnet and prose poems.

I thought I’d test the water a bit, and try sending some out for publication while keeping the stakes low. So I’m delighted that The Cannon’s Mouth picked up a couple for their March edition. “Highways agency” derived from variable messages overhead as I drove home from South Wales, and “How do I like thee? Let me count the ways” was inspired by Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Facebook. I won’t publish them here for a while.

By the way, note that by ‘delighted’ I mean that my response to the magazine dropping through my front door was a quiet ‘well well well’ and a satisfied inner glow.