New blog on prayer and spiritual life

Since the beginning of the first coronavirus lockdown, my focus has shifted. Contemplative prayer was always underpinning my life, and I had also been making art as a way of processing what was happening in the world. Since lockdown, contemplative prayer has taken over as that way of processing and connecting at a deep level with the world and its anguish.

I’d already been writing material on my blog here about my prayer and spirituality. I have increasingly been feeling that I wanted to write more, but that it didn’t sit right with the rest of the content here. I have therefore started a new blog called “Grace Upon Grace” devoted to contemplative prayer and spiritual life, explorations in theology and Bible, and the like. I have transferred over much of the relevant material.

It may mean that there is less content for this blog, and that it starts to get out of date. So be it.

On the other hand, it is impossible to drive a wedge between prayer and world. For example, the Attentiveness category here is really a euphemism for prayer as engagement with creation, and many of my Articles are on related subjects or at least have a theological underpinning. I have chosen to keep these posts here as they represent a key aspect of my art and writing.

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