Selected work at “Makers of the Multiverse”

“Green|Blue”: Set of five A6 greetings cards and envelopes
“Little colouring books of climate mindfulness”: Series of five booklets, each A6 size with 16 pages
“Soul Cube”: Scroll of double-sided print of digital images
“Juneau Projects: Makers of the Multiverse”, Art Week Exeter, Piazza Terracina, Exeter, 13 May to 10 June 2017

Spacex commissioned Juneau Projects to create “Makers of the Multiverse” for the duration of Art Week Exeter and beyond. Underneath that mightily pimped interior and primped exterior is a shipping container, snuggling up against the Boat Shed. It presented work by multiple artists, as multiples with at least two in each edition, saleable to the public for under £50. And it hosted a number of workshops and events during its run.

It was incredibly relaxed and brilliant fun to be a part of it. There was a lovely review of the installation on the a-n website, and I was particularly chuffed that the “Little colouring books” were on the “Some highlights included:” list.