“Little colouring book: Winter Blues” in the “Artist Toys” exhibition

A6 printed booklet, 16 pages
“Artist Toys” exhibition, Lite-Haus Galerie + Projektraum, Berlin, 3-8 December 2016

Following “Toying With Art”, curator Rekha Sameer broadened the idea into an exhibition of “Artist Toys”, put a call out, and found a lovely light exhibition space in Berlin.

The idea for the “Little colouring books” originated partly in the games I made for my “Particulart: Up in the Air” show. It seemed a natural progession to create more playful engagement with climate change. Each  booklet asks people to: “Colour in the maps, and think about what the future holds for our weather under climate change.” They draw on the way in which adult colouring books can be a vehicle for mindfulness, and the human delight in play.

Although the maps are of the UK, they can be applied elsewhere, and I am very happy that they have made their way to other lands. Sadly I couldn’t get to the show, but it looked great!