“Little colouring book: Winter Blues” in the “Toying With Art” exhibition

A6 printed booklet, 16 pages
“Toying With Art” exhibition, Rolle Centre, Exmouth, 17 September to 1 October 2016

This exhibition was the brain child of Cliff Gorman and Paul Russell Cooper. It’s a toy shop that isn’t a toy shop, full of toys that aren’t toys.

As Cliff wrote: “All these ‘toys’, in their own ways, express different social concerns e.g. illegal trafficking of
endangered animals, sexual exploitation, challenges of living well together, creation of more walls of
division, rise of right-wing movements, climate changes, coastal erosion, tax evasion, gender identity
etc, etc. Indeed the list is worryingly long!”

I was honoured that “Little colouring book: Winter Blues” was included. The booklet draws on the way in which adult colouring books can be a vehicle for mindfulness, and asks people to: “Colour in the maps, and think about what the future holds for our weather under climate change.”