“Listening to Silent Spring” at Mikrofest

Bird boxes, digital audio file and equipment, leaflet
Kaleider, 45 Preston St, Exeter
15-16 March 2019

Mikrofest was a free mini festival to launch Kaleider’s new home. On 15-16 March they invited their Residents and friends to put on some work in the new building and around Exeter to help them celebrate Kaleider Studios.

I took the opportunity to pilot an installation of “Listening to Silent Spring”, previously only published online under “The internet is my gallery”. Given the connection with birdsong, one obvious presentation is in a bird box. I adapted a couple of boxes, and installed an old mobile and a cheap mp3 player with trailing headphones. I popped some copies of a leaflet about an awareness walk (pdf) in the boxes for people to find and take away.

Kaleider Studios were open to the public from 2-4:30pm on Friday 15th and 12-6pm on Saturday 16th.


Credit: Mikrofest K and leaflet design by Ben Bowen