Let us Prayerdle

On Monday I jumped fully onto the Wordle bandwagon and developed Prayerdle. As well as being a fun niche version of the game, it occurred to me that it could also be a prayer tool.

You can play the game here, and read my reflections and suggestions on my Grace Upon Grace blog. I am updating this whenever I think of something new that might be helpful.

Prayerdle was featured in today’s edition of the Church Times alongside the equally niche Byrdle – behind a paywall but you get two free reads per month. It quotes from an earlier version of my blog post.

2 thoughts on “Let us Prayerdle”

  1. Love playing Prayerdle everyday. I started in March 2022. Actually when did Prayerdle started. Is it Jan 2022. I am also curious to look at the past words used since beginning. Any web that I may be able to do so? Thanks

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