Knit your own bee

Ghost Bee

The “Ghost Bees” symbolise bees that have died, bees that are not. They started life as part of Teignmouth Recycled Art In the Landscape (TRAIL).

I modelled the shape after honey bees, but the ghostly colour came from the repurposed and recycled materials I used: plastic yarn made from cutting up white charity collection bags, and milk cartons. For the head, thorax and abdomen of the bee’s body, I modified the pattern for knitting atoms that I developed for “Particulart”.

You are welcome to download my pattern, which also includes a size guide for cutting out the wings from milk cartons, and instructions for assembly.

Once you have knit your bee, why not knit some pesticides to highlight the threat they pose to pollinators?

You can download my pattern for atoms and bonds, and knit chemistry following the ball and stick model and the CPK colour scheme. Warning! Pesticides can be quite complicated. Here, for example, are DDT and the first commercial neonicotinoid Imidacloprid.