Kaleider Lunchtime Talk on “Green|Blue”

Date: Friday 18 November 2016, 1pm
Location: Kaleider, Bathurst House, Smythen Street, Exeter

Kaleider Lunchtime Talks are about providing an informal space for people to come and listen (whilst eating their packed lunch), and to have their minds stretched in different directions as they discover others’ practices, projects, disciplines and approaches. It’s 20 minutes ‘talking’ and 20 minutes Q&A/conversation.

*When they say ‘talking’ this might be to play, test, brainstorm, hack, talk, discuss.

I introduced my new work “Green|Blue”, which uses flood risk data from the Environment Agency to question our knowledge and power in the face of uncertainty and the force of nature; what seems to be the most solid and robust is in reality the most fragile and vulnerable.

Together with the audience, we explored how we respond to the work, both the initial reaction to the images, and after discovering more about what they represent. And they had their thinking hats on and provided lots of ideas for how to take the images out into the world.