“I have a dream” … for Exeter Bus Station!

I have a dream for the bus station site, or at least for the area bounded by Paris Street, Sidwell Street and Cheeke Street, if not the bus depot off Summerland Street.

I have a dream of a vibrant local ‘Market Quarter’, less Princesshay, more Gandy Street;
Of a mix of local retail, local business, charities and social entrepreneurs, artists’ studios and housing;
Of deliberately quirky architecture and winding streets that lead onward in a voyage of discovery;
Opening out into truly public space for public meeting, public meetings, and farmers’ markets.

I have a dream of zero-carbon buildings using shared services, based on the latest and best practice;
Of edible landscaping, nut and fruit trees, and herbs for all to pick;
Of a (non-edible) green screen to clean the air of bus exhausts;
And of artists’ interpretation to educate and delight and welcome.

I have a nightmare that it will be another alocal amoral* superstore and car parking.

* a- : Prefix used to indicate a lack of some feature that might be expected.

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