Harnessing crowds for energy

In the last post, I wrote about peoplefund.it. From the same stable, there is [update: was] energyshare.com. It’s not really a crowd-funding site, more of a place for forming an online community of supporters for your energy project and sharing experience with each other. But there is [update: was] also the energyshare fund, which rewards a few community projects each year.

Worth keeping an eye on is Microgenius. Its aim is to bring together people who want to invest in green energy with community energy projects.

2 thoughts on “Harnessing crowds for energy”

  1. The media nowadays are full of articles and programs on reducing our ‘carbon foot print’. They assume we all know what this is, but what actually is a carbon footprint?

  2. Your carbon footprint is a measure of your annual contribution to the CO2 and other greenhouse gases that are driving global climate change. How you power your homes, the food you eat, the transport you use, and the things that you buy – these all contribute to your carbon footprint. There are a number of tools you can use to measure your carbon footprint, including WWF's simple Footprint Calculator. Good idea for a future blog post!

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