“Green|Blue: Future Shock” video at Fringe Arts Bath

Video installation, 2 mins
Part of a group exhibition, Fringe Arts Bath Festival, Cleveland Pools, Bath
26 May to 11 June 2017

Now that my Cathedral show and “Primordial Soup” at Fringe Arts Bath are over, here is the two minute video I created for the latter and included in the former. See below for more information about the work.

Wait for it…



The view from above has become normalised. Google Maps and OS Maps, city centre plans and ‘you are here’ stickers on the boards at local nature reserves, give the impression of omniscience and omnipotence. The very notion of ‘flood risk’ calls both our knowledge and power into question in the face of uncertainty and the force of nature. What seems to be the most solid and robust is in reality the most fragile and vulnerable. Changing the perspective, looking slant, confers a new understanding and humility.

“Green|Blue” is a series of 21 black & white images of ‘trees’, derived from Environment Agency data of land at risk of flooding from rivers and the sea, separating out 21 river catchments around the South coast from the Sussex Ouse to the Bristol and Bath Avon.

“Green|Blue: Future Shock” is a short video featuring the Avon.