Graphical Web

This week I’ve been attending Graphical Web, representing Kaleider.

The Graphical Web is “an annual, global conference that showcases the many new open source technologies available for presenting visual information on the web.” This year it was organised and hosted by the Met Office Informatics Lab.

The programme focused on web graphics, and covered subjects from typography to virtual reality.

Particular highlights for me were Will Stahl-Timmons, from the British Medical Journal, introducing his work on science graphics; Ed Hawkins, from the Department of Meteorology at Reading University, on visualising climate data; and Matt Ström, from Planetary, on inline data visualizations or ‘sparklines’. Other presentations were awe-inspiring, but well beyond anything I could envisage myself doing.

I want to develop my artistic tools in the areas of coding and visualisation. So one of my objectives in attending the conference was to find out which (if any) were the standard computer languages the presenters used for big data processing and visualisation, and producing infographics. And of course, it was really inspiring to spend time with so many creative and geeky!) people.

The Tech Monthly show on Phonic FM interviewed me on the second day of the conference. My short segment of the recording is from 27:23.