“Ghost Bees” in the “Dark Art” exhibition

Mixed media: repurposed charity collection bags and milk cartons
“Dark Art” exhibition, Barnfield Theatre gallery, 4 October to 1 November 2016

The “Ghost Bees” started life as part of Teignmouth Recycled Art In the Landscape (TRAIL), over the summer holidays. They symbolise bees that have died, bees that are not.

I modelled them after honey bees, developing the pattern from my ongoing “Particulart” project. Fresh from our collaboration on “Freefall Climate Graffiti “, Cleo Heard and I knitted them in plastic yarn made from charity collection bags, and used milk cartons for the wings.

We had twelve “Ghost Bees” hovering in the flower bed between Teignmouth Pavilions and Pier. Five of my eight and three of Cleo’s four remained at the end of the summer, which to me also symbolises bee loss! My five are the bees which are currently appearing at the Barnfield in a gem of an exhibition curated by Vicki Bowring.

Who ya gonna call? @Ghostbeesters!!