Fracted / Emerging

Fracted (Mucknell Abbey)
Digital photography, edited
Published 12 May 2020

Emerging (Ludwell Valley Park)
Digital photography, edited
Published 14 May 2020

Fracted (Mucknell Abbey) …

… for the Science as Art gallery, curated by Exeter Science Centre.

“In this online gallery, we want to celebrate all the wonderful ways that science shows up in our everyday lives in the Public Exhibition… …and showcase interesting and beautiful images of current STEMM (science, tech, engineering, maths and medicine) research in the South West in the Research Exhibition.

Emerging (Ludwell Valley Park) …

…for day 33 of Creative Days, a project of the Broken Church.

“Each day for 50 days (Easter to Pentecost) there will be a new creation in response to the previous days creation. Each creator only see’s what they are responding too when it goes live here…”