MOOCing around with Creative Coding

I have a tendency to register for lots of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and then not quite get around to pursuing them, at least immediately. But having registered means they might still available later,* if I don’t worry too much about engaging with the tutorial and community aspect of MOOCs.

One such is Creative Coding from Monash University, which I registered for about two years ago. I had so much fun with generative poetry last year that I wanted to continue with the coding. This course was just the ticket, and because of my tendency still available to me even though it has been retired.

Here are a couple of early outputs.

Re-creating Vera Molnar: 25 Carrès (25 Squares)

Here’s the original piece by Molnar.


When two discs touch, they spawn another with random location and velocity. The laws of physics governing collisions with walls and other discs are not observed!

It partly illustrates the accrual of interest on capital, and/or what happens when exponential economic growth is unchecked on a finite planet. It also shows what should have happened in Bellatrix’s vault. Rowling and the film-makers didn’t observe explosive exponential expansion either!

* This applies in FutureLearn. It might be different in edX and Coursera; I haven’t checked.