“Compline: A contemplative journey through Lent” in St Olave’s Church

Service-cum-performance of plainchant and polyphony
St Olave’s Church, Exeter
8pm on 7 14 21 28 March 4 April 2022

The ancient close-of-the-day service of Compline, with plainchant and polyphony. Hosted by Margaret Aagesen Hughes (Soprano) and Clare Bryden (Alto). This is a very welcome return to the series we first hosted in 2019, but could not run in 2020 and 2021 owing to Covid.

More information and programme on my Grace Upon Grace blog.

2 thoughts on ““Compline: A contemplative journey through Lent” in St Olave’s Church”

  1. Thanks for another compline season. This evening was an especially memorable and beautiful period of contemplation. My only suggestion for future years is maybe to have five minutes of quiet contemplative instrumental music at the start… This would both ‘set the mood’ and would allow those that can’t make the effort to get there on time to come in without disturbing us and (more importantly) you…!
    Kind regards.

    • Thank you Laurence, for your kind words and your suggestion, which we will bear in mind for (hopefully!) next time

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