Coming soon… Art Week Exeter… eek!

Three days to the start of Art Week Exeter, 13-21 May 2017, and I’m burning the midnight oil prepping five things.

Today, I’m delivering three lots of multiples – “Soul Cube”, “Green|Blue” cards, and “Little Colouring Books” – to the “Makers of the Multiverse” pavilion. This amazing construction is on Piazza Terracina by the Boat Shed, from 13 May to 10 June 2017.

Tomorrow, I’m delivering a print of “Green|Blue: Exe” as my contribution to the AWEsome Art Fair. Art Week Exeter has taken over an empty shop in South Street for an exhibition of all the artists showing during the week.

…And that includes me, because I’m holding an Open Studio on Fri 19th and Sat 20th, in my garage, open to the elements, with the hope that local people will pop in while passing and I’ll have some good conversations about the possibilities for art in St Loyes. So I’m having to do a lot of work preparing for that.

Then I am organising a re-run of “Suburban Serenade” in the area of St Loyes where the roads are named after English composers. “Songs in the Neighbourhood” will be on Tue 16th, starting at 7.30pm at Britten Drive, and ending at Elgar Close, with some rousing audience participation.

If that wasn’t all enough, I’m also speaking about “The Art of Flood Risk” (ie  “Green|Blue”) at Pint of Science on Wed 17th at the Phoenix.

Plus I hope to get to as much of the rest of Art Week Exeter as I can. And when it’s all over, I’ll have a week turn-around to prepare my “Green|Blue” show in the Chapter House.

So here’s a nice soothing sunset as a backdrop…