“Climate Blocks” for “Get On Board 16”

"Climate Blocks" for Studio 36

Laminated A4 print
Studio 36, Denmark Street, Exeter
19 December 2021

Lego model, 256mm x 512mm x 34mm
18 July 2019

Studio 36 has a wonderful noticeboard out front, hosting a continually changing series of shows of work by local artists. Usually it’s for artists in Newtown and St Leonard’s, but the invitation for Board 16 was for the wider Studio 36 community to submit work relating to climate change.

Image text

The °C change in the mean temperature, compared with the 1961-90 baseline, by 2060-89 (no, I don’t know why it’s not 2061-90), in the summer (June, July, August), taking the 50th percentile (the one in the middle) estimate under the RCP 6.0 scenario (also the one in the middle, if you discount the very lowest which is sadly unrealistic).


  • Blue is the sea 🙂
  • Green blocks mean an increase of 1-2°C
  • Yellow means 2-3°C
  • Orange (including Exeter) means 3-4°C


Data source: UK Climate Projections 2018

Holly Henderson at the Business School for allowing me access to her stash of Lego

Veronica Gosling, the presiding genie

Image from studio36exeter.co.uk