Clare goes for a bike ride

Clare is seduced by the sunshine symbol on her weather forecast app into going for a bike ride around Exeter.

She plans to drop in on the FLOW tree planting on Exe Mill Field and the Ziggurat painting on Paris St to see how they are getting on.

As she leaves her house, Clare thinks to herself that it is nearly spring, though it is quite windy.

When Clare gets to the bottom of the hill, Clare feels some spots of drizzle.

Clare cycles along the river, and enjoys watching the rainbow whenever she feels confident she won’t wobble somewhere unfortunate.

When Clare reaches somewhere near FLOW, the wind is blowing the drizzle into her face.

Clare decides it isn’t the weather to wander around soggy fields looking for people planting trees.

Clare tries phoning a friend nearby instead.

Clare has forgotten the number of her friend’s house.

Clare’s friend doesn’t answer her phone.

So Clare goes to the Real Food Store instead to look for seville oranges.

Clare finds out later that her friend has an assignment crisis.

The Real Food Store has sold out of oranges, but they will get some more on Tuesday.

Clare decides she will try dropping in on some other friends on the way home.

Clare forgets to pop in to Ziggurat.

Clare’s friends are out or not answering the door.

Clare decides then and there that she is not cut out for spontaneity.

Clare does manage to get a little shopping done on the way home.

As Clare cycles up the last hill, the sun comes out.

Clare needs a stiff gin.

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