Star field. Photo credit: Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash.

“Star Spangled Kyrangle: Winter Star Lore”

The two events of the Star Spangled Kyrangle were opportunities to bring people together, and encourage them to be attentive to their place, surroundings and nature. The night sky holds many myths and stories in its depths. It has spoken to humanity since our earliest times. We too can step outside and look up, and gaze at the beauty of the night sky, and wonder.

"Listening to Silent Spring"

“Listening to Silent Spring”

On the 50th anniversary of the publication of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring – 27 September 2012 – I spent a couple of hours walking around my neighbourhood and listening. My notes became the script for a piece of sound art that provides space for the listener to pay attention to their own ambient soundtrack.

Avocet. Photo credit: Georg_Wietschorke on Pixabay.

“The Birds of Sowton Industrial Estate”

Bird-watching walk with the Birdman Sowton Industrial Estate, Exeter 5-7pm on 13 September 2018 Many of the roads and industrial units on Sowton are named after birds, and there was lots of other evidence of bird life to be found. The Birdman (aka Tony Whitehead of the RSPB) and I hatched a plan for a … Read more“The Birds of Sowton Industrial Estate”

Old Heavitree Quarry face on Quarry Lane

Heavitree quarries

When did the Heavitree quarries stop being worked? The old maps provide some evidence.

Woodwater Lane by night

Woodwater by night

I spent a day immured in the office at the computer, feeling wintry-cold while it rained and rained. By night-time, I was completely frowstie at being stuck indoors. As the rain had pretty much dried up, I decided on some mythogeography. Going for walks at odd times, like 10.30pm, follows mythogeographical principles, after all.

Digby Water Tower on a Woodwater wander

Woodwater wander

As a birthday treat, I promised myself a walk down Woodwater Lane, from home to water to wood to home again. A satisfying experimentation in exploring the present day.

Local explorations triggered by a corn cockle

From wood to water

Yesterday, cycling down a section of Woodwater Lane, I noticed a corn cockle in the bank. It struck me that I have cycled down the lane many a time, walked down it occasionally, picked blackberries at that time of year, but I have never really paid attention to it.