"Listening to Silent Spring"

“Listening to Silent Spring” (2018-19)

“Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson is among the most influential books that have been published. On its 50th anniversary in 2012, I honoured the work and its impact by taking an awareness walk around my neighbourhood, and listening. In response I made a piece of sound art.

Ghost Bees at Open Studio during Art Week Exeter 2017

“Ghost Bees” (2016)

The Ghost Bees symbolise bees that have died, bees that are not. There is hope, though. Using recycled materials shows the possibility of change. And we can all help bees by sowing bee-friendly plants and cutting out the pesticides.

Turnip Prize

The Turnip Prize (2016-19)

The Turnip Prize is “a spoof art award of the lesser known Turner Prize” run by the New Inn, Wedmore in Somerset. My entries are doomed to failure.